Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To keep a log or not to keep a log......thats NOT EVEN a question!

The question is just this...... WHO KEEPS A LOGBOOK?

Unless the company MAKES you keep a log the ordinary individual will forget or get lazy.... I do......!

It is important to keep a log so that taxpayers who receive a travel allowance can claim a deduction for the use of their private vehicle for business purposes.
If you dont keep a logbook and try claim you business kilometers at the end of the financial year end, SARS is NOT going to assist you.............. they deem the first 18 000km private and without a logbook 0 for business.

Should you keep a logbook you can claim and SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!

I have THE solution............... KILO portable DIY Tracking & Monitoring

There are so many products out at the moment that are post proccessing thus the info can only be downlaoded at a later stage - THEN you have to have the device on you and special software that can be downloaded onto A pc.......... HEADACHE!

KILO is a real time hand held portable tracking device which uses GPS and GPRS technology AND  best of all the software is web based so it can be accessed anywhere anytime with out the actual device! you just need to remember your username and password!

This system is also completely AUTOMATED, you select if your locations added on the software is business, private, work or home and the KILO software works out your business kilometers for you!

I am in my car ALL day ALL week and I really dont have time to jump in my car , pull out my little logbook or A4 sized book SARS provides and write in my odometer reading, then remember to do the same as soon as I arrive at a client etc etc, tooooooooo much of a shlep!!!

What are your thoughts SA?